Humans from the Eyes of Vonnadorian,

Imagine the irony of when an alien feels more human than the human, and that’s what I’ve been thinking the whole time I’m reading The Humans by Matt Haig.

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A Comic Book in A Post-Apocalyptic World

Anything can happen in a post-apocalyptic world. A mother might abandon her children. A pizza delivery guy might save a nation. Enemies might touch your heart, understand you in a way nobody else does. A mere comic book might be a cause of something big. A new religion might emerge, along with a band of people who called themselves ‘the light’, carrying a propaganda of a newfound prophet.

If you ever fantasized what life could be after the disappearance of civilization, a book titled Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel is a must-read.

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Call the Love by Your Name

Like sushi, love is best served raw.

That’s the thing that popped into my mind after I watched that movie Call Me by Your Name by Luca Guadagnino. It didn’t take long for me to read the book that inspired the movie–published in 2007, written by André Aciman. I am touched by every scene in the movie and I am mesmerized by Aciman’s exquisite writings.

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Deep Conversation Recall #2: The Judgment.

The number of your age could be a burden. As the aging continues, as your hair slowly turned white, as your skin wrinkled over time, you are expected to be more balanced, more matured. At one point in your life, you are supposed to teach your youngster on how to hold their sh*ts together–which you did gracefully.

But what if that’s not the case?

I knew a guy, a middle-aged man, who still doesn’t know how to take care of himself even when his mustache turned gray and his teeth fallen out, thus, one of the things he couldn’t teach to the young people around him is how to hold your sh*ts together.

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Deep Conversation Recall #1: The X Factor.

A boy once shared his theory of one irresistible quality a girl could have.

He’s my best friend at the time (we don’t interact that much anymore these days, not even a single like for a mere Facebook post). He had a crush on this one girl. It’s obvious that he liked the girl more than the girl liked him. He’s always waiting, always flirting, always throwing puns, showing wits, but the girl always chooses for another man in line. Their relationship is everything but a mutual love interest. So I think it’s safe to say that my friend was being friendzoned by the girl.

He knew it, and yet he loved the girl anyway.

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A Writer Once Said Something About Outgrowing Things,

Back in 2014, I went to a meet and greet event, held by one of the most prominent book publishers at the time. There are 3 novelists on stage, best known as the most prolific writers in the world of Indonesian pop literature–able to produce up to 3 books per year, supported by a strong fan base, their works are rather mainstream but fit into the most of book publisher’s target market. So, in short, they are the book publishers’ darlings.

None of the writers are my favorite.

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I wish you bluebirds in a spring,

Watched a movie with my niece sometime in the past. The movie is rather bland, a month later and I can’t even remember the title and the plot, but I remember the closing title’s song. I remember the female singer wish someone a bluebird in the spring, I remember the swing jazz-ish tune, combined with a flawless piano score. The lyrics stuck in my mind, got me searching for it the next day (because I can’t seem to forget about it and how beautiful for someone to wish a bluebird for anything? I’m a fool for random sweet things like that).

And apparently, that song that I heard in the theater is a rendition of Frank Sinatra’s famous song, “I Wish You Love”.

I and my taste for old song, my ears could pick it up anywhere.

Connection | Friendship

A connection is something you make with the intention of mutual benefits. It is different from friendship, that is earned through the long hardships, tested by the thick and thin of fate, adorned by a sincere smile and a mischievous smirk, and signified by the tears that roll down your cheeks…

…the day you realize that after all this time, those people are not just connections, but friends that you finally earned.

A revelation always comes late, so late that I wish to strap it with a watch, slash it with a whip. But isn’t that a revelation in life should be? A sudden change in plot and a dramatic twist, for one to weep and then continue to live, with a new hope in heart and a new friend to keep?


Thank you, ’til we meet again, guys 🙂



Crazy Love is Crazy,

A crazy person might be considered normal by someone who saw a unicorn in the restroom, or someone who found his beloved wife cheating with his colleague. A normal person might be considered crazy by someone who longed for anything but a mundane life, or someone who hated social norms, who lived for a rush of adrenaline every now and then.

You might want to think about that thin line between normal and crazy after you read the Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick.

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